Monday, January 26, 2015

Initial 2015 Garden Planning

Planning for this year's garden is well underway. We spent most of  yesterday filling in details on the plan I had started previously. Jen and I also spent a couple of hours laying out additional beds in the garden.

We currently have six permanent garden beds laid out. Each bed is 30 feet long, and has room for two or three rows, depending on the crop. With just a bit of work I can make room for three more beds. There is also room for two or three shorter beds. Anything beyond that will require a bit more clearing, although should easily be within reach for this year's crop if needed.

As of now we have 21 different vegetables planned, many of which will have multiple varieties. We have 47 total varieties on the list at the moment, but I expect that to grow as Jen hasn't picked out Lettuce varieties yet.

I am in the process of determining when we should plant everything, or start the seeds for those we'll start indoors. I'm also working on determining how much space we will need based on the quantities we plan to plant of each variety. My initial guess is that we will need to make room for at least a couple of additional beds beyond what I mentioned above.

This is a very ambitious garden for us. Not only will it be, by far, the largest we have ever planted, but it will include many items we have never grown before. I will do another post once the plan is finished.

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