Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Yesterday was a productive day, even though we didn't do any projects around the house.

We recently learned of a local farmer offering raw cow's milk via a herd share. Because sale of raw milk is illegal in the state, herd shares are the only way of obtaining it, other than raising the cow yourself. We've been interested in this for some time, so decided to sign up when heard about openings in this share.

After work we drove the 30 minutes to the farm, where we met the cows and calves, and was given a tour of the barn and milking room. After a pleasant conversation with the lady running the herd share we took two half-gallon jars of milk from the storage refrigerator, then were on our way.

After leaving the farm we drove on into Richmond to attend a class at the Madison County Cooperative Extension Service Facility. The class was entitled "All of the Alliums" and was offered as part of a monthly program by the Eat Local, Grow Local organization. The class focused primarily on onions, which is what we hoped, as we have only grown them once, with minor success. It was an informative session, and because of it we plan to grow additional varieties of onion this year in hopes of having being able to have onions on hard throughout the year.

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