Tuesday, January 14, 2014


As you might expect, I haven't done a whole lot productive over the past week or so. Thankfully the weather has improved, or at least the temperature has, but it has been rainy. We received a lot of rain Friday night and Saturday morning, leaving more mud than I like to deal with. Instead of trying to stay home and work, I spent the weekend visiting a friend in Lexington.

I did go to a farm equipment auction in Richmond Saturday morning. I was hoping I might find a good deal on a set of pallet forks, but didn't see any. I stuck around long enough to get a feel for the prices that equipment was bringing, then headed on to Lexington.

Yesterday I witness something that I'm at a loss to explain. The shed where I park the RTV has two 2x4x running horizontally at 'ceiling' level. These are not structural, but were installed to provide a place to store things overhead. Last week, following the extreme cold weather, I noticed that one of those 2x4s had bowed enough that the RTV was rubbing when I drove under it. At least I thought bowing was the problem. When I got the RTV out yesterday evening, to take out the compost and trash, I discovered that I had close to an inch of clearance between the RTV and that 2x4. I had suspected that the cold could have caused the initial problem, but never dreamed it was only temporary and that it would be back to normal once the temperature improved. I've been assuming that something had changed with that 2x4, but now I wonder if the change occurred elsewhere.

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