Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We survived the extreme, at least for KY, cold weather of the past few days. I didn't accomplish anything productive during that period, other than staying warm and making sure the animals were ok. Luckily we had only had the dogs and cats to worry about, and no chickens or livestock yet, that would have required actually going farther outside than the front porch to care for.

Monday night was the coldest, with temperatures dropping down to six degrees below zero. Wind chills were being forecast to top twenty below. As if the cold nights weren't bad enough, though, the days weren't much better. The high temperature yesterday was only thirteen degrees. It was cold again last night, although not nearly as cold, with a temperature of eight degrees when I woke up. The high for today is forecasted to be in the upper thirties. It looks like we made it through this cold spell unscathed, which is certainly the worst since moving here.

We're fortunate that we did not lose power, like some people did, even in cities as large as Lexington. We would have managed without electricity, since we would be able to cook, and use a propane heater to keep one room warm, but it would not have been pleasant. We were also fortunate to have not had to deal with frozen or burst water pipes. I know several people who did have this problem.

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