Monday, December 9, 2013


I really didn't accomplish much this past week. This was primarily due to the weather, but the lack of motivation that comes with this time of year certainly had an impact.

On Sunday I did spend some time cleaning up some trash over by the old house we're tearing down. We have a dumpster rented, which I can't remember if I've mentioned before or not, so I like to fill it each week if possible. There is an old outhouse on the edge of the property which was most recently used for storage, and there was a lot of trash in there requiring disposal. Andrea helped and we mostly finished cleaning that up.

On Monday I did get out for a bit at lunch time. I aired up the RTV tire, to see if it would hold, and took some paper shreds over to the garden to spread as mulch. Unfortunately by the next day the tire had gone flat again. That was disappointing, but the same thing happened the last time I had problems with it, so I'm not going to worry too much just yet.

On Wednesday I worked in the office in London, so accomplished nothing around here. That is typical for the days I work in London, but is pretty much guaranteed this time of year, since its dark before I even get home.

I didn't do much else during the week, except for advancing a bit in the online course I'm taking on electricity at AllAboutCircuits. A good friend recently expressed an interest in learning more about electricity, so while researching sites to recommend to her I ran across this one. I decided that it was well worth my time to work through the material myself, since I will eventually need an understanding of electricity when I start working with alternative energy systems. So far I have been pleased.

Saturday was cold, wet, and rainy, so I stayed indoors. Andrea had a quilt club meeting to attend, leaving me home alone for much of the day. I used the opportunity to watch some movies, and had an overall very enjoyable day.

On Sunday I did a task for Andrea in the kitchen. We'v had a problem with mold build up in the dishwasher, because we do not use the heated dry. We've since realized that we need to open the door completely, and pull out the racks, to let the dishes air dry. First, though, we needed to thoroughly clean the inside of the dish washer. After spending a couple of hours on it, I have it looking good. Once I finished we ran vinegar through it before running a load of dishes. We just need to work out a routine that ensures the dishes have the opportunity to air dry overnight, or while we are gone, since the kitchen is too small to be able to leave the racks out and still walk through the room.

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