Sunday, October 13, 2013


I'm starting to feel like my daily posts are turning into weekly posts instead. I may consider switching to weekly updates, if I find that I don't have enough to report every day. I'm sure this will vary depending on the time of year, though.

On Monday I had to work late, so didn't do much else. We did, however, take some time to collect some hickory nuts and butternuts from around the property.

On Tuesday we drove to Berea for a Field to Fork Festival Planning Committee meeting. I had actually met everyone who was there, as two of the gentlemen taught workshops I attended at the 2013 Field to Fork Festival. The meeting went well, and I think we can put together an even better festival next year.

I worked in London at the office on Wednesday, so didn't really accomplish anything else.

On Thursday I spent a couple of hours working on more levelling of the area where the tractor shed is going to go. I have it in pretty good shape, and think that with just a little more work it'll be ready.

My parents came down again this weekend to work on tearing down that old house, so that took up Friday evening and all day Saturday. On Sunday we did get out on the property a bit, so my Mom could collect some butternuts. We then drove up to to a nearby recreation area and explored the backroads there.

After my parents left on Sunday Andrea and I went back out to the old house and spent a couple of hours stacking salvaged lumber under a shed that is out there. We hope to use the lumber to build a chicken coop, so wanted to be sure to get it in the dry.

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