Sunday, October 6, 2013


I've been somewhat productive over this past week, but am just now getting around to doing a daily update. I completed a few small tasks, and have enjoyed this wonderful fall weather.

On Tuesday I finished prepping an area for drying logs. I'm hoping that we can start cutting some trees soon, to get the garden spot cleared for next year. On Wednesday I worked in London, so didn't really accomplish anything else. I did make a trip to the home improvement store to pick up some 2x2s for a project Andrea has planned. On Thursday I helped Andrea cut some of those 2x2s to the correct lengths for constructing herb drying trays. She also made arrangements on Thursday for a dumpster to be left at the old house we are tearing down, so we can use it for the debris we're tearing off. On Friday I finished cutting the pieces for the herb drying trays, and then we collected black walnuts from around the property. We attended the Kentucky Beginning Farmer Conference in Frankfort on Saturday, which pretty well took up that entire day. Finally, today, I finished constructing the last two rain barrels, and placed one of them. Afterwards we hulled the walnuts picked up the day before, then Andrea rinsed them and spread onto trays to be dried.

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