Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blizzard of 2015

Ok, so blizzard is a bit of an exaggeration. Nevertheless, we are currently in the middle of the worst winter storm to hit this area in 20 years, and the worst, by far, since Andrea and I moved to this property.

The snow began on Monday and continued, sporadically, through mid-week. By the time it was finished we had twelve inches of the white stuff on the ground. To go along with the snow temperatures plummeted, hitting lows that haven't been seen in this area in two decades, and setting records for this time of year. It was nearly 10 degrees below zero last night, and we are expecting the same tonight.

Fortunately we have weathered the weather, at least so far, without problem. The flexibility of my job meant that I didn't have to worry about trying to get out. There have been no power outages, and the water hasn't frozen, so we've been comfortable staying mostly inside.

I did try to get the truck out a couple of days ago, but only managed to get it stuck in the driveway. I eventually had to push it into the yard, out of the way, with the tractor. Today I spent an hour using the tractor to clear the driveway and a path past the shed to make walking easier.

Jen hasn't had it quite so good, since she has had to walk up to feed the cats daily. The climb up the hill is bad enough in good conditions, and much worse in twelve inches of snow. I tried driving her up there on the RTV early in the week, but we didn't make it very far before spinning out. I'm not even sure that the tractor would make it up there right now.

All in all it has been an enjoyable week of being snowed in. I've taken some time to get out in the snow, but have mostly stayed inside, enjoying the view of the snow through the window. On one hand I look forward to seeing dirt again, when the snow melts, but on the other hand I dread it because I know that it will be mud I see, not dry ground. At least Spring is getting closer with every day that passes.

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