Monday, March 3, 2014


I am both surprised and disappointed to see that it has been nearly a month since I last wrote an update. Not a lot has happened in that, time though, really. I was sick for a week, with what I assume was the flu, even though I never went to the doctor. Other than that, I've attended a few meetings, including a couple more Field to Fork planning committee meetings, as well as one to discuss the Earthineer Marketplace and bartering system, which is going to enter beta testing soon.

We did have some nice weather this weekend, and I hoped it was going to mark the beginning of Spring's arrival. I got out on Saturday and worked in and around the garden, spreading mulch on the garlic beds and between the rows, as well as turning the compost pile. I was happily surprised to see how well the compost has broken day. After that I spent some time exploring the woods, and just enjoying the nice weather. I located a large Sycamore tree by the creek that I was previously unaware of, which I was very happy to find. Large and/or old trees always fascinate me.

The weather turned to rain yesterday, and to snow last night and today. I went out at lunch to around five inches of snow, which I think is the most we've had all year, possibly since we moved here. I decided to get the four-wheeler out, and enjoyed speeding through the fresh snow and sliding around turns. Afterwards I played with the dogs a bit, before going in to warm up and eat. Its nice just getting out and having fun occassionally. I certainly need to do it more often.

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